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Jun 19, 2006

Topics Include: We don't talk, Guerilla Marketing, Inappropriate Gym Attire, Jeans skiing, A Moment with our Listener, You're in the Urinal, Random Articles of Clothes on the Road, Batman Cookie,  Hung like a......, 
Asian Bomb, WORDPLAY: Tom's nose hair

Joseph Sampson
fourteen and a half years ago


Please refrain from using my name in your marketing of your podcast or legal action will ensue!


Joseph Sampson.

fourteen and a half years ago

Dear Mr. Sampson,
Sweet name!,Way to toss leagal jargon around (especially the word ensue) I guess I\\\'ll have to pick another name. How bout...hmmmm, oh I got it, I\\\'ll use Louise Frankenflower. Don\\\'t tell me you know her.

Matt Rideout
fourteen and a half years ago

I wish there was a wordplay for the fat filled meat loaf twinkie. Like, \'rolled gross\' insted of \'rolled oats\'