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Aug 28, 2006

Topics Include: Kiss you Bliss, Tom's Forced Laugh, What a CROC, Niagra Falls, B-ad's, American Etiquette in Canada, WORD PLAY: Flatulence Hot Tub, WORDPLAY TOPIC: Poor Taste Ad Slogans for a Pet Store.

Aug 20, 2006

Topics Include: Bird in Tom's Backyard, Eating Baby Food, The C-Bomb,,, MMM..Doggy Treats

Aug 13, 2006

Topics Include: Jim Dupree: Enthusiast...DONE!, Zee and Zed...DONE, Chuckn' Movie Signs, More Bird Incidents, Owl-kebab, He says "You have a great accent......" she says "I can't hear you", Nylons are Ew, WORDPLAY : Jellyfish Hotdog, NEW WORDPLAY TOPIC: Recycling Old People.

Aug 6, 2006

Topics Include: Shane's Vacation, Bird Comment by Angela Misri, The Tea Bag Incident, Hair of the Dog Bowl, This Salad Bugs Me, "Shane on You": I Hate When Dogs Stay at the End of Their Leash, Why do you have to put popsicles up to the light?, Jelly Fish Hot Dog, WORD PLAY ANSWERS: Ass Grabbin' Cities. WORD PLAY TOPIC:...