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Apr 30, 2007

Topics include: Hating Gingers, Massaging Mom, Blind Web Design, Grey Pubes WORDPLAY ANSWERS: Nurses and Sex, NEW TOPIC: Grey Pubic Hair

Apr 23, 2007

Don't even ask, just listen and enjoy...or whatever.


Apr 16, 2007

Here is the xray I was talking about...with the screws in my jaw. The other weird thing was they found a bird skull imbedded in my brain as well! Strange... I guess thats what they mean by Bird Brain.

Apr 15, 2007

 Topics Include: Skin Tags, Heart Germ, Caughy with her Shirt Up, M.R.Eye Ball, Grueyrereyer????? WORDPLAY: Shorts and Money, NEW TOPIC: Heart Bug Repellant

The Prayers Are Working

Apr 7, 2007

As you know, the show has been on hiatus.

Shane has been kind enough to ask for prayers and to post on the site.

Above is a picture of my Dad on Sunday, before his heart bypass surgery where he was impaired more than ever during the surgery.

My Dad has gone from bad to worse, and then miraculously, stable and slowly...