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Mommy?, Does dad still love me?

Aug 27, 2007

Member that time you had your snowsuit on, waiting for daddy to get home from work to take you tobogganing, and he never showed up?

I don't actually (no dad), but it's a metaphor. The proverbial daddies (shane and tom) have missed our quality time with the tike (you guys) and are not able to get a show to you (the...

Aug 20, 2007

Topics Include: Shane's Big Surprise, That Man's a Big Waste...I mean Big Waist,Tom the Big Shooter... Ouch!, Promaja, Voodoo Lady, WORDPLAY: Disease and Dessert, NEW TOPIC: Mexican and Medical or Doctor

Tell us your favourite Shane and Tom moments

Aug 16, 2007

We're trying to get something together here and need your help. We're trying to organize a best of Shane and Tom and would totally appreciate your picks for your favourite moments on our show. Either a topic or a story, anything. We have our favourite moments but want to know yours. Either email us or just leave a...

Aug 12, 2007

Topics Include: Shane's Fall, Tom's Fall, Miracle Spring Water,Green Prayer cloth, WORDPLAY ANSWERS: Dog and Booze, NEW TOPIC: Disease/Ailment Dessert

Aug 5, 2007

Topics Include: Singa-pore, Shane's Hamster name, Hurt Ribs, Banking Plane, Guinea Pig Bare Back, WORDPLAY ANSWERS: Bird Hair, NEW TOPIC: Pets and Liquor.