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Jul 22, 2011

Topics Include: 1000 degrees, New Website, Shane's lame neighbours, The Devil Crack, Horrble Poo story from Tom, Shane shares way too much information about his hog. WORDPLAY: Sex and Space, NEW WORDPLAY: Men and Woman.

Jul 7, 2011

Topics Include: Fixy Bikes, Mike Smadu, Bat Calves, BMH, Chain Falls Off, Cat Tail Toilet Paper, Bad Bathroom Stories, Voint of Piew, Japandal, UFO, WORDPLAY: Shane and Smoking  NEW TOPIC: Sex and Space

Jul 2, 2011

Topics Include: Shane Smoking, Searching Balls, Bumbling Things, The Cookie Crumbles, Clapper, SMART STUF: Flower looks like a Flower, I Need Help, Pirates and Tom Sawyer, Crack House WORDPLAY: Girls and Cars.  NEW TOPIC: Shane and Smoking