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Jun 30, 2007

Topics Include: I can't even begin to describe this show, but funny as hell. enjoy!

Here is the link for the Hamster video Tom showed Shane,

Help Shane!

Jun 18, 2007

I'm posting this, because I know as soon as Shane sees it, he will laugh out loud.
The only thing is that I cannot remember the context of this.
I don't remember why it's so funny.
This is a self-portrait taken during the last recording at Shane's old workplace...and it was in relation to a story I was telling...but I...

Fake Oakleys

Jun 15, 2007

I saw this abomination leaving work the other day.
The family thought it would be cute to post a photo of this poor bastard in fake Oakleys on the bumper of his car...on his 50th birthday no less!

Let's get something straight. On my birthday, I'm the goddamn man of the hour. Screw that, I am the Man of the Year on that...

Jun 13, 2007

Topics Include: In the Park, Tom has problems with people who have problems with weight, Burger BB's, Is the Fan Loud Enough, Funny Restaurant, Wierd Hotdogs WORDPLAY ANSWERS : One Eyed Cat NEW TOPIC : Hawiian Western (anything combo-ing the two)

Jun 4, 2007