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Nov 27, 2006

Topics Include: Coffee Drip, Chicken Pads, 4 Patties, RL, Rock on dude!, WORDPLAY ANSWERS: Butter Deoderant NEW TOPIC: Meat Pad

Sorry about the end, the music is way too loud. We're idiots

Nov 19, 2006

Topics Include: Shane's Dream: Tuna-J, An interview with Zebra Pants, Mongolian Stuffed Marmot Grill, Beige Socks. WORDPLAY: Tequila and Milk, NEW TOPIC: Butter Deoderant

Shane and Tom are Rogic-ers!

Nov 16, 2006

We are proud to announce that we have become a new member of the Rogic Podcast Conglomerate family. Tom and I were birthed through the "portal" and are doing just fine (once we clean the goo off of us and cut the cord, and by cord I don't mean mic cord) we will be ready to enjoy our new life under the caring eye of...

Nov 5, 2006

"One of the funniest episodes so far!"- Squeezebox listener

Topics Include: Halloweird , Tom's awkward Dr. Encounter, Parents are not nuts over peanuts. WORDPLAY TOPIC: Peanut related demise