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Goodnight Helvetica

Feb 27, 2009

As you all may know, Helvetica "The Hamster" wasn't doing to swell as of late. Anyways, just wanted to inform that he/she has moved on to the "Big wheel in the sky". He/she's little heart didn't make it through the night. We will be having a short service during our next episode on Sunday. He/she will be missed by...

Feb 22, 2009

Topics Include: Best Revenge Story...Period, White as a diaper, Sniffing Sponges. WORDPLAY: Dog and Stolen NEXT WEEK: This Week in Dumb

Feb 15, 2009

Topics Include: New Tranquil Place, Odd names, Dog Gone!, Pushing the Needle, Vote for Tom's Bar, WORDPLAY: Pleasuring Ones Self and Music, NEW TOPIC: Dogs and Stolen