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May 26, 2009

Topics Include: (In no particular order) My Sister Oreo, Numb Bum, Cry-y Movies, Matching Clothes Couples, and Other Ridiculousness.

May 21, 2009

Topics Include: Right Field-Wrong Field, Douche-Bag driver was actually Nice, People you wanna not like, Booze that Travels, Shitty Sex, WORDPLAY: Shane and Tom and Cop Shows NEW TOPIC: Booze and Explosions

May 12, 2009

Topics Include:Mike Tysons Punch, Hate Li'l, 3.T. The Extra Testicle, Weird Oreo in the Middle of the Night, Presents for Shane, Undie Swap, iPood in the Dark, WORDPLAY: Sex and Mud, NEW TOPIC: Shane and Tom-izing Cop Shows.