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Jan 28, 2008

Topics Include: The Lost Recording, Flying Squirrel Too, Boo-Cocky, Boy Buoy, Tibbles Kibble, Smoking Hot Coffee, Beericide, Possum Tumbler, Dumb Toys, Obi-Gone-Kenobi, Need Ep.53, Shane's Retainer, Hot Shoe, Live Show EP #100 Coming Soon, NEW WORDPLAY TOPIC: What is it called when you Podcast but forget to hit record?

Jan 22, 2008

Topics Include: 2nd Anniversary, Tom's Hurty Back, Chicka-Chicka, Purple Beret, Stop Looking in My Ear, Licking Qtips, Paper Sleeve Babies, Alot of Doctor WORDPLAY: Fish Cereal, tangent: Fish Head

Jan 14, 2008

Topics Include: Dumpy Dogman, A Swim Around the Bowl, Space Oreo, Catatonic, F@#k F@#k F@#k F@#k, Swearing in Other Languages, Nutty Allergies, Holy Shirt, WORDPLAY : Hobo Neck Scarf NEW TOPIC: Fish and Cereal

Happy New Year From Shane and Tom

Jan 1, 2008

Hope your New Years Eve was as exciting as mine, and by exciting I mean, putting a little glitter hat on Oreo and Helvetica and playing Old Wang Mine,  or whatever that song is called on my Squeezebox. Don't be jealous now, 364 more days and you can try it for yourself. We'll have a new show at the end of this week.