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Jul 29, 2007

Topics Include: Sicky Pie, Lap Fire, Shane's Back, Balkan Hotline, Pigeon Problems, Dropped Keys, Hamster Names, WORDPLAY ANSWERS: Being Hit in Face with Baseball, NEW TOPIC: Hairy Bird

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Jul 27, 2007

Lately we have changed the day that we are posting the show, we have been recording and posting on Wednesday, and posting either Wednesday or Thursday. Because of work I have less time to edit the show and post it the same day we record. So, I think it will be best to still post the show on Sunday, so it's available...

Sicky McSicky Pants

Jul 25, 2007

Hey there friends!,
Tom's feeling a tad under the weather, so we wont be able to record till (hopefully) tomorrow, keep your britches on, but at least change them some time tomorrow.

Jul 19, 2007

We talk about The Return of The Squeezebox, The New Hamster, Being In The Park, Staring Contest With A Stranger, Man Bag (Murse) Problems, Hard Ground, Shit Face The Hamster (pictured above), Hot Dog Meat-Skin-Straw, Baseball to The Face, Grub-Like Larvae Sack Implanted in a Rabbit's Chest, This Week's Wordplay: Getting...

Another Mirror Disaster

Jul 18, 2007

There's nothing I'd rather have hanging from my rear-view mirror than a giant plastic shithawk with a wingspan of nearly two about you?

This was sent in by Angie, a good friend of Shane's, and it is proof that if you pay attention, you will see the most garish things hanging in people's cars.

Shane had this...