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Mentioned Squeezebox on CBC Radio 3 Webcast

Mar 27, 2008

I think Shane may wet himself, and I hope he does it while wearing jogging pants!
He will not believe that I finally mentioned Squeezebox while I scored some time on the "air".

That's me with my CBC Radio 3 swag!
I was honoured to have the opportunity to co-host the Craig Norris Hour on Thursday's show. Dan Misener (


Mar 26, 2008

Remember my comment a couple of shows ago about ICQ?...I think I said "I Sikh You" and we had a good laugh.
Well, I saw this the next day and cracked up.

ICQ Toothpaste. Delicious, clean-mouthed chatting.

I forgot to post it until now, as I clean off my desktop of recent screen-captures.

Mar 24, 2008

Topics Include: Tom's not a Glove Wearer, Pumping Gas, Beer Story: Couldn't Hold It, Finding Money, Underwear Paper, Booze Idiot, WORDPLAY: Toys and Pee, NEW TOPIC: Finding Money

Mar 9, 2008

Topics Include: Telemarking, Ameri ca-ca, Taffy, French Winter Festival, Wetting Toy Dogs, Dumb Toys, Value Village, Odd Ads, Shit up a Rope, Bad Porn, Cry = Throw Up, Sikh-ing Helmets, 31 days at the Gym, Seeing old Guys Nude WORDPLAY: Italian and adjusting Junk, NEW TOPIC: Pee and Toys.