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Newspaper Article

Mar 29, 2006

Podcasts Where the whole world can hear you talk Windsor’s newest talk radio program can’t be found anywhere on the radio dial — and that’s very much working in its favour. It’s hard to imagine a mainstream station giving air time to two amateurs whose idea of a show involves scribbling a word or two on a...

Mar 29, 2006

Topics Include: Found Picture, The Kooky lady at Tom's Bar, Shane and Tom's Mountain Goat Hunt, Eating Balls, What Do Ya Know

Mar 25, 2006

Topics Include: Our CRAZY photo shoot, KO'd by a boxing videogame, Bluehair Chalet, Tom wins a Kong Show T'shirt

Mar 21, 2006

Topics Include: Comment Response Ping Pong, Tom's Fridgidare complaint letter, Shane's Thai scare.

Mar 17, 2006

Topics Include: Our Toilet Episode!. Padded, High, On a TV tray, you name it. Grab a newspaper and join us.