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Please Proceed To The Next Window?

Mar 31, 2007

This is yet another example of the people in charge of companies, falling on their stupid, doughy faces.

Who in the hell do they expect to read this sign, really?

This could say any host of,
"Ole! We Rotted Two Extra Widows!"
"Please Throw Weed To Extreme Minnows"
"Sleaze Pro Fed Bro Extended Swim...

Jim Dupree: Marriage Enthusiast

Mar 31, 2007

Yup, he's getting married. I don't know if they are going to release the video for this on the podcast feed...but I'm betting on NO.
This is my public congratulations to Jenna and Dan.

My Dad's Sick...But He'll Win

Mar 26, 2007

My Dad is having heart issues.
Not funny.
Not fun.
This is why there was no show this week.
I have been trying to be around him as much as possible.
Laying in 3 different hospitals for 3 weeks, waiting for tests and doctors' opinions to align is not fun either. The problem is that my Dad's hospital is in London,...

No show

Mar 26, 2007

Tom and I were unable to hook up today and record our show.
We sorry, guess you'll actually have to listen to the loser sitting next to you on the bus eat his own gums. Ew!...yay....hobo's are awesome!

Found Money

Mar 24, 2007

Tim Horton's has been the source of some ranting for me, and it continues to engage me in unexpected situations.

During the last visit, on the way to recording Episode 69, I was heading to pick up two coffees for Shane and I. Looking ahead of me, I saw something bright blue on the pavement. I knew immediately it was a...