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Jan 25, 2009

Topics Include: Board Games, Saying Stuff Wrong, Shane's Appointment, Next Weeks Live Video Show on, WORDPLAY: Pork and Beverages, NEW TOPIC: Pleasuring One-Self and Music

Jan 19, 2009

Topics Include: More about "Man Bags", Ross, Beer Stories-Brown Tooth, To Save-ah the flay-vah, WORDPLAY: Internet and Religion/Old (shane did the wrong one) NEW TOPIC: Pork and Beverages

Jan 11, 2009

Topics Include: Making Donuts, "Hey, I'm cool, I make donuts", Old People Wiping Out, "I'm going to Pee!", "I've got to go, I'll be right back" THIS WEEK IN DUMB: (S) Fly Down (T) Slurry Mouth

Jan 7, 2009

Topics Include: Ground Tweezers, New Years Resolutions, Y/B Undies, "Why does it have a door?", Sausage Doll, Adolf........, Man Bag Rules, WORDPLAY: Dead and Sex Nextweek: This Week in Dumb