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Feb 25, 2008

For those of you who tuned into our 100th Episode Live Podcast Extravaganza thank you so much, Tom and I had lots of fun and it was so nice to speak to some of you who were scattered around our fair planet. For those who had trouble listening we are sorry, apparently there are some limitations to the software, but it...

Calling in on Sunday for 100th Episode

Feb 20, 2008

Hi All, I have the info on calling in to the live show on Sunday for the 2 of you that will call. You will need Skype, (google it) or if you want to call from you landline you can but cost way more money. Second you will need to buy some credits for Skype, 5-10 bucks goes a very long way and  you can call any long...

Feb 18, 2008

Topics Include: Tim Hortons LIVE!, Jobs!Jobs, Tube Shirt, Curdle, Speanuts and Punties, Windsor Honda, FOB, Frequency Beaver, Fettucini with..., Shitty Doors, Throat Clearing, Meeting a Listener, WORDPLAY: Hate the Past, Almost Hit the Wall

Oh my god!

Feb 12, 2008

I just saw this pic on Facebook and had to post it, awesome! This is Tom's Niece, Carly (glasses) and her friend Cayla (not glasses). Their school is right near the park where we record the show. They went and took some pics near the weird dead squirrel in the tree, so funny.
Thanks Cayla and Carly!!

Feb 11, 2008

Topics Include: Loser Fans, Milkbag Jersey, Jesus!, What's That?, Urinal Pucks Smell Good,NBA Dunks, Off Come On, Melted Butter, Rash, Dog Rub, Druids, Ferdinan/Fred the Squirrel, Hating the Past, WORDPLAY ANSWERS: Fag Feet, NEW TOPIC: Hating the Past