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Jun 26, 2006

Show notes to come! Sorry, at Podcasters Across Borders all weekend!

Jun 19, 2006

Topics Include: We don't talk, Guerilla Marketing, Inappropriate Gym Attire, Jeans skiing, A Moment with our Listener, You're in the Urinal, Random Articles of Clothes on the Road, Batman Cookie,  Hung like a......, 
Asian Bomb, WORDPLAY: Tom's nose hair

Jun 12, 2006

Topics Include: Bye Bye awkward goodbyers, Tom's out grown nose hair, The house of the Lord, Peas behind the fridge, Magical land, Oreo's stealth craps, Shane cries, Tom's dogs floor diaper, Turds on turds, A podcaster without a mp3 player?, Glow in the dark ass, WORDPLAY ANSWERS: hot podcasting, WORD PLAY TOPIC: Rogue...

Jun 5, 2006

Topics Include: SPECIAL GUESTS: Mark and Bob from the Canadian Podcast Buffet (hang out for the majority of the show),The easy way works!!, Shitting in the snow,  Shane has no shame, Shane gets sued for $200,000, Desert boots, WORD PLAY ANSWERS: Piss on laundry, WORD PLAY TOPIC: Hot Podcasting.