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Jul 23, 2006

Topics Include: Shane's taking a week off, Who is Wayne Gretzky,
The Bird Incident, Miss-sized sandles, Humming Bird Fuel, "Detroit", The Unstick, WORDPLAY: Dog ball currency, NEW TOPIC: Ass grabbing city names.

Jul 18, 2006

Topics Include: Ghetto Wheelbarrel, Tom caught shaving his......, Dream Magicians suck, Winning Roachclips, Missing a Nut, Shane's Second Life.
WORDPLAY: Teeth with skin, NEW TOPIC:Dog ball currency


Jul 17, 2006

 Sorry, so sorry, Episode 40 will be uploaded Monday night due to technical difficulties......
We're in like with you
shane and tom

Jul 10, 2006

Topics Include: Shanes new car, Meeting the Kongshow, Passing Gretzky, We hate honking, Motor oil in your ear, colon clense, my yoga mat-tress, sewer vapor, WORDPLAY: Deep frying your hand.

Jul 3, 2006

Topics Include: Our trip to Podcasters Across Borders, Tom's Sicky, Bathroom Laughroom, Man Boobs, My Girlfriend Blew my Ball Joint, Your Breasts look Big, Doctors are dumb. WORDPLAY: Deepfrying your hand