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Sep 30, 2006

To our listeners: Tom and I are trying to get a show out to you as soon as possible, I know you're saying "But Shane put out that wonderful episode, showing off his unique ability jam it out on the squeezy-machine, and I am so satisfied with that".........Um, no you're not!. We have been uncharacteristicly busy the last...

Sep 25, 2006

Tom drowndid Shane in a bucket of water, Shane WILL be resesitated (eww, not by Tom) in the next couple of days. Here is a short limerick written by Shane to tide you over, or not. Feel free to not listen!

Sep 18, 2006

Topics to Come: I think there was something about cats?

Sep 10, 2006

Topics Include: CBC Interview, Blackberries are dumb, Suckling on your own tit, Eating Kleenex,Ugly Picketers, Shane's Jogging Suits, Breaking the Toilet Seat.
WORDPLAY TOPIC: Ugly Picketers

Sep 8, 2006

On Wednesday, September 6th Shelagh Rogers interviewed myself (Shane), Tim from "Twisted Wrist Podcast" and Valerie from "Description Podcast" about our podcasts. This is the Radio version of the show ( about 30 minutes) but we continued off air for another 30 minutes which was put in the CBC's Sounds like Canada -The...