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Nov 7, 2017

TOPICS: New House, Bathroom Mirrors, Strange Things, FART, Nick Howe Audio, Squatty Potty
WORDPLAY: House + Sex
NEW WORDPLAY: Stranger Things + Baseball

Sep 2, 2017

TOPICS: New House, Beard Underwear, Almost Burned our House Down, Where's My Jug?
WORDPLAY: Tooth (Teeth) + Music
NEW WORDPLAY: House + Fire

Aug 7, 2017

TOPICS: Duck Encounter, Canada 150, Tooth Delay
WORDPLAY: Hot and Feet
NEW WORDPLAY: Tooth (Teeth) + Music

Jul 24, 2017

TOPICS: The farm, Bums and Boobs, Cabbage Patch, Giant in a Bathroom, Suislide
WORDPLAY: Dads and Back to the Future
NEW WORDPLAY: Hot and Feet

Jun 13, 2017

Topics: Tom talked about some stuff, Shane talked about his trip to Kingston and then there was some Wordplay (Germany and Japan) Next Weeks Topic: Dads and Back to the Future