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Nov 9, 2010

Topics Include: Talking Cat, 2 Girls 1 Guy, Buzz Cut Pubic Hair, Dick's Jiggle, Banana Sex Toy, Shane's Man Crush, Country Music Sucks, The Windsor Miracle, Church Banners, We Got Male,  WORDPLAY: Bee and Sex NEW TOPIC: Name the Banana Sex Device. Shane and Tom Recommend Stuff

Scarborough Dude
over ten years ago

I was thrilled when I saw your recent episode had 17 comments! Then I started to read them- ugh! As in fricken UGGly! Hope you can clean up the mess- hasn't this happened before?

Oh ya, great to hear you guys again- although real life is even better!

over ten years ago

ok, Tom. I'm actually checking stuff out that you recommended. Listening to Karkwa as I'm writing this. I have to say, it really reminds me of Coldplay. I'm not saying it's bad. I kinda like it.