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X-Mas Rebuttal

Dec 23, 2006

X-Mas Rebuttal

After venting my dislike for all things insincere around the holidays, I am beginning to feel much more vibrant toward the 25th.

I finally wrapped almost all of my gifts, which has helped buoy my spirits.
The weather in Windsor is wet and not white. No snow.
The temperature has been more like the breath of a farty, exhausted mall-Santa. The lack of snow has been destroying my festive mood.

AndyCast, The Zedcast, Canadian Podcast Buffet, are a few of the podcasts who put out show with the intention of lightening the end of this month, and it was well received by many listeners, including myself. The Rogic crew organized a sing-along skit that made a pleasant dent in my X-Mas humbugging. Barry from Barrie, The Scarborough Dude, and Dave (Two Boobs and a Baby) sent e-cards too...what a great bunch.

With this post, being the only real holiday positivity you'll hear from me, I AM happy to have something small to give Shane for Christmas. He couldn't guess what it is if he tried. Neither could you. But in its simplicity, is its perfection. After he gets it, I'll post images of the items I gifted.

Hey Dump! Shane! If you're reading this, DO NOT GO TO THE DOLLAR STORE! If you show up at my house during the holiday with a sewing kit, sandcastle pails, plastic flowers, a plastic can opener, a box of combs, or a multi-pack of "Goosy Fruit" (Juicy Fruit knock-off gum), I will make you watch me sew a flag for my miniature flower-covered sandcastle, while I comb my hair endlessly, opening cans of beets which I will eat at the same time as my "Goosy Fruit Gum". What I'm saying is, "Shane, I hope you like your gifts."

Merry Christmas everyone.
Happy Holidays.
Laugh a lot.

Bruce Murray
almost fifteen years ago

Hi Guys,

I\'m always amazed at the (psuedo)names that the Dollar Store comes up with. My favorite was the time my son came home and was very excited that he had purchased a set of SONY headphones for a buck. I was sorry to inform him that on closer inspection he would see that the \"O\" was actually a \"Q\". The SQNY headphones lasted about 2 days.

Happy Holidays Shane & Tom hope to see you at PAB 2007. - Bruce (The Zedcast)