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Timmy's or Bust

Dec 12, 2006

We can't always drink beer with floating plastic boats in them!
We had a lovely comment from "That Guy" asking why, if Tim Horton's is so crappy, do we go so often?

Here's the answer. I love to hate things.
I love to get what I want and need (caffeine) while getting piss-poor service that I can use on our podcast.

Tim Horton's provides this opportunity during every visit.
Bad bagel-karma, anti-physics/anti-gravity coffee cups, term-obsessed automatons (not "vanilla cappucino" but "French vanilla" screw you very much), and those hideous beige ass-deterrents all in one place and you're asking why I go there? Are you slow? How could I NOT go there.
I bet you're the kind of "higher being" who doesn't slow down at traffic accidents too.

Back to those beige pants...those things are so bad, the world's pro-ass lobby is almost forced to run buttock promotional spots to reverse the damage done to us poor saps who've been unlucky enough to see under that Tim Horton's counter-top/force-field.

Why do we go there so much? Sheesh! Get a clue!
I'm surprised I haven't tried to move in! Who wouldn't want coffee every morning, the smell of fat coating the walls 24/7, and sharing a bathroom with more homeless people than a Skid Row Porta-Pottie.

The more that they get wrong, the more my love strengthens for them.
Their colours are brown and red! The two worst coloured fluids that leave the human body. They have it so wrong, it's right.

over fourteen years ago


That Guy
over fourteen years ago

You must love government then.