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New Year, New Beginnings

Dec 31, 2006

The image above is of one of many birds who died at or near the hands of one Shane Potvin. This little guy, who looks like he's 100 in bird years, was clinging onto this branch like a 14-year-old Olympic gymnast. Nothing Shane could do would provoke this beast to let go.
How can a bird, covered in feathers, have wrinkles? Am I nuts or does he look wrinkly?

Shane was shaking the branches of the tree in my backyard like a grizzly bear trying to release fruit, but this bird wouldn't budge! Wouldn't budgy!! Yeeeaaahaaaaa!

This now-dead bird reminds me of how fleeting our hollow-boned little flightless lives are, and how much we should live each day. I want to send you all the best wishes, on behalf of Shane and myself, to have an enriched New Year. Send a note to that person who made a difference in your week. Get in touch with family more often. Make more of your days than you have in years passed.

Don't end up being a tired old pigeon grasping onto your bedpan while the orderlies try to shake you off of the ceiling fan.
Bye Bye Birdie.
Happy New Year