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Mommy?, Does dad still love me?

Aug 27, 2007

Member that time you had your snowsuit on, waiting for daddy to get home from work to take you tobogganing, and he never showed up?

I don't actually (no dad), but it's a metaphor. The proverbial daddies (shane and tom) have missed our quality time with the tike (you guys) and are not able to get a show to you (the tobogganing outing). We are sorry, Mommy has looked down her glasses at us and we will try our best to be less negligent, or Mommy wont put out anymore.....ewww, but I think you know what we mean.

Daddy still loves you very much, here's a 10 spot, go buy yourself some back bacon (that's what my Dad would have said).

shane and tom (the Daddies)

k that sounds very wrong!

over thirteen years ago

Ouch, this sucks. First I find out that Perry DeAngelis from SGU podcast passed away last week (I cried), then Sick and Wrong isn\'t posting until late this week, and now Shane and Tom don\'t have anything to lift my spirits... I think I might go all emo if this terrible trend continues. -sigh-

over thirteen years ago

Yeah, Perry died. The newest epi talks briefly about it and then has a lecture he gave as well as selected audio. Sorry to use this comment board to talk about another show, guys. Anyways, yeah, I\'m already losing weight because Daddies aren\'t here to feed me.