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hack hack

Dec 13, 2006

My alarm went off this morning, and by alarm I mean the (hack, hack, hack, spit up) sound of Oreo in my door way leaving me a gift to step in first thing in the morning (bare foot). What a wonderful start to my day!. Actually, I tried something new today, get up before the alarm, and actually do something other then, 1: Alarm 2: Hit Alarm 3: Shower (don't worry, for the sake of this email, I wear all my clothes when I'm showering...ew) 4: Feed Cat, and 5: Leave apartment (almost forgot 6, powder my shoes, so at the end of the day my feet don't smell like feet simmered in feet). Today, I took my time, Did my appropriate neck stretches (see (hear) episode cat_luhluhluh_ball) ate something other then shower water....mmmm, hard water in my stomach is so good.....especialy the flakes of metal) plus had time to wash the fork and knife I used last night, so now all my dishes are done!. 
To be honest I have no idea why I found it so important to relay this info, but it was a treat and it feels so much better to get to work and not have my ticker ticking at 100 ticks a minute (or 60 ticks). Oh yeah, listen to some music too, something mellow...I was listening to a band called Album Leaf, very melodic, good morning music.
tack this up as my first entry