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Nov 19, 2009

Topics Include: Weekly Funnycast, Tom's Basement, Canadian Military Costumes are Low Res, Yukon, Spoiled Toilet Paper, BMX-ing, Shane Stands up at a Wedding, Shane Crosses His Arms, Shane Swears in front of Kids. SOUNDY MOUTHS: Bikes, Oldperson, Crashes, Deck Chair.

Tim Coyne
eleven and a half years ago

Soundy Mouth Submission:

A man sits in a Starbucks SIPPING COFFEE. A Sarah McLachlan Xmas cover tune PLAYS IN THE BACKGROUND. A barista barks out an order in the background, \"TALL, EXTRA HOT, CAFFE MISTO\". A girl in high heels WALKS ACROSS THE GRANITE FLOOR toward the man. She SLIDES A CUP OF COFFEE ON THE TABLE in front of him and then turns and WALKS BACK THE OTHER WAY. He notices writing on the sleeve around the coffee cup. He reads it aloud to himself. \"MEET ME IN THE BATHROOM\".

To be continued . . . .

that\'s all i got. maybe another listener can continue the story. probably not enough soundy moments. you aholes can figure it out.

Nick Howe
almost twelve years ago

Hi, I`m from the UK but am living in South Africa. I heard you have done Video and are compiling a DVD, when (if at all is this coming out?) - you do hit the spot, maybee i should get rid of my fatigues if its such a no no. Sorry man!!