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Aug 5, 2007

Topics Include: Singa-pore, Shane's Hamster name, Hurt Ribs, Banking Plane, Guinea Pig Bare Back, WORDPLAY ANSWERS: Bird Hair, NEW TOPIC: Pets and Liquor.

over thirteen years ago

Yea!!! Traffic on the site. \'jaculate! Awesome.

Dave B
over thirteen years ago

Brilliant as usual. I was listening on the bus and hearing you talk about Singaporeos, classic... Everyone was wondering why I was laughing.

Tom from Winnipeg
over thirteen years ago

You should have called it COMIC SANS so you wouldn\'t feel bad when it\'s inevitable squishing death arrives

Jamie Koplin
over thirteen years ago

Great show! Tom, your Russian accent is hysterical! I\\\'ll have more stories for you soon! Thanks for telling them for me!