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Aug 12, 2007

Topics Include: Shane's Fall, Tom's Fall, Miracle Spring Water,Green Prayer cloth, WORDPLAY ANSWERS: Dog and Booze, NEW TOPIC: Disease/Ailment Dessert

over thirteen years ago

This has to be the scariest photo i\'ve ever seen. I don\'t know if I should laugh or run in terror.

Squeezebox Tom
over thirteen years ago

This is the magic stealth of The Balkan Falcon...he is a miracle to behold.
You look and cannot look away, although you are terrified at his hilariousness.

You are screwed. You are dismantled. You are at his furry mercy.

Behold The Balkan Falcon!

over thirteen years ago

I made that and it still freaks me out!!

He feeds on the souls of young Iranian children, and cigarettes...lots of cigarettes.

over thirteen years ago

Damn if he is so scary can he get you guys (who ever does website) to build me a home button. I\'m lazy (let\'s be honest) and I can\'t get back to the mainpage without punching my computer (or using the back button a whole bunch of times or when checking the RSS feed using my bookmarks link).

Tom from Winnipeg
over thirteen years ago

I was too late submitting the wordplays :(

Shminoff MICE
Pina COLLIEada
Hairy Wallbanger
Rusty Tail
I\\\'ll have a wine collie
Port bellied pig
BEERed collie
Black Russian Wolfhound