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Sep 4, 2008

Topics to come: Poo and Pee-le, Chicken Stripper, Adventure Race, The Stall, Deuces Wild, "Take the Bike". WORDPLAY: Picking your nose in the CAR. NEWTOPIC (in 2 weeks) Chicken Stripper

over twelve years ago

MMD! It\'s coming. Sorry about the delay

over twelve years ago

No worries. I was concerned because I sent an email a while ago and there was no reply... (so I figured it went to your spam folder)

Tim Coyne
over twelve years ago

Loved the show. Love you guys. I knead you.

The chicken jerked me off . . . The chicken jerked me off . . . I said the chicken jerked me off.

BTW, I love Tom\'s response to MMD.

\"It\'s coming.\"

Which is code for, \"Fuck. I totally forgot about that. Shit.\"


over twelve years ago

OMG, I laughed so hard at TC! I cry laughed. What is wrong with me?

over twelve years ago

So guys any news about my t-shirt I paid for at PAB... was it sent out?

over twelve years ago

You gesticulate when you speak?

over twelve years ago

The singing bit we did on the last show was one of my favourite things we\'ve ever done. I just listened for the first time, and I was in stitches...woke Jhoan from sound sleep...sorry baby.
SO AWESOME! Shane\'s harmony was the KEY!