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Apr 8, 2006

Topics Include: Podcasts we've met, Tom M.C's a wedding, PODCASTERS ACROSS BORDERS, Shane's back is up about people who back up into parking spaces, One big toenail

Scarborough Dude
fourteen and a half years ago

Karen over at Zee and Zed told me she\'d kick me right in the balls if In didn\'t listen to at least 3 of your shows. Not wanting to take a chance she wasn\'t kidding, I listened. You now have a new subscribed listener to your chucklefest - thanks eh! Yuk yuk!

Dave Delaney
fourteen and a half years ago

\'Sup fellas?
Karen and Ross said Yeah, so I said Hey...I gots tah check yer cast out...great show.
See ya at PAB!

Dave Paron
fourteen and a half years ago

I think that giant Toe-nail bit was the most I\'ve laughed at any of the episodes so far. Shane, I\'ve got some good Riviera/Orion/Sierra/Labelle neighbourhood stories that you might want to use. Keep up the great work. Tom, How are Rodd and Todd doing?
Ciao. Par-Man

John G
fourteen and a half years ago

Karen and Ross sent me. I like your show, but your pronunciations could use a little work (Karen will vouch for my being a little pedantic).

A female Hispanic person is a Latina (note the feminine \\\"a\\\"). A male is a Latino.

Chlöe Sevigny\\\'s last name is pronounced \\\"seh veen YEE\\\". Don\\\'t you watch any French movies? :-)

I am now subscribed and working my way through your back catalog. Keep up the good work, and I hope you get more gigs for weddings, etc.