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Dave of Two Boobs send a Gyro X-Mas Card!

Dec 19, 2006

Dave is moving to Nashville.
He's taking his family too.
But before he goes, he needs to tie up some loose ends, like sending us this e-card that made my stomach rumble the moment I got it. My feet started to sweat as I re-imagined perfectly carved slices of gyro meat being used as shoe insoles.
It is!
He obviously wanted to share in Squeezebox's love for highly-compacted-lamb's meat. He went one further and jammed it all into a bowl.
I couldn't NOT show this off.
Hope you're all busy with our Wordplay for the next show: smoking while exercising (running).

Dave Boob
over fourteen years ago

Yum. I was actually in tears laughing as I created it! Great show guys! Happy HoliDAZE. Looking forward to more box-squeezing in \'07!

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