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Dec 31, 2006

Topics Include: Bye Bye Car, A Nice Piece of Gas, Needle in Shane's Head,
Ordering on the Fly WORDPLAY: Smoking while running. NEW TOPIC: Charcoal Feet. BONUS: Tom and Shane exchange presents.

Thanks Tom

Dec 31, 2006

Shane here,
Tom I just read this message and practically crapped my drawers in laughter, eff that was funny, I wanted to eat that bird so bad!!!.
Here is my note to the person who has touched my life....not touched me, my life.
Tom (awwwww!!) thank you so much for being such a wonderful inspiration in the world of me, I...

New Year, New Beginnings

Dec 31, 2006

The image above is of one of many birds who died at or near the hands of one Shane Potvin. This little guy, who looks like he's 100 in bird years, was clinging onto this branch like a 14-year-old Olympic gymnast. Nothing Shane could do would provoke this beast to let go.
How can a bird, covered in feathers, have...

Merry Today! (for those who celebrate today)

Dec 25, 2006

Just picture this message as a sign out in front of our e-store.

love you!

shane and tom

X-Mas Rebuttal

Dec 23, 2006

X-Mas Rebuttal

After venting my dislike for all things insincere around the holidays, I am beginning to feel much more vibrant toward the 25th.

I finally wrapped almost all of my gifts, which has helped buoy my spirits.
The weather in Windsor is wet and not white. No snow.
The temperature has been more like the breath...