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Tom's been sick

Nov 30, 2009

I have been trying to get over one week of Swine Flu, and another week of general malaise.

This is why the show is being held up.
We're pumped to get another one up and running, so it won't be long now, but it's ALL TOM'S (me) FAULT.

Shane has more Purna updates...and we've had some great suggestions for SOUNDY MOUTHS!

It's going to be real soon. Promise.

ten and a half years ago

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Deranged Moose
eleven and a half years ago

I just had to check in and see what was up. Shwine Flu? Crap. Sorry to hear that, Tom. I miss you guys and hope you are well soon, Tom. Miss the show.

DM (aka) Roger

Alex in England
eleven and a half years ago

I hope you recover before you die, Tom

Alex in England
eleven and a half years ago

Also, you should check out if you haven\'t recently. It re-directs to a new site and i have no idea where the gay goat killers have gone.

eleven and a half years ago

has he been wearing his cowl? :)

eleven and a half years ago

Please hurry. I\'m so far away and need to hear some familiar voices...even if they do get a bit shrill sometimes.

eleven and a half years ago

Damn that Bacon Pox!!!! I need a little fix of word play and soundy mouths.
SOUNDY MOUTHS IDEA: The sound of Shane or Tom walking through the metal detector at the airport. Warning sound as he walks through followed by being searched with the \"wand\". Up to you if anything is found and whether there is any need for a cavity search.