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Jul 18, 2006

Topics Include: Ghetto Wheelbarrel, Tom caught shaving his......, Dream Magicians suck, Winning Roachclips, Missing a Nut, Shane's Second Life.
WORDPLAY: Teeth with skin, NEW TOPIC:Dog ball currency

Tom (of Shane and Tom)
almost fifteen years ago

Those answers are amazing! The Hump Change playing on Chump Change is brilliant. Thanks \"Friend\". Very impressed. Listen to show #41 for your answers to be shared.

And Dave, thanks for the comment. We appreciate your approval. Lend us some of your listeners, the ones who don\'t have kids and who aren\'t easily offended, and we might crack the market! I loved the article from The Onion. I think that parody was LONG overdue.


almost fifteen years ago

nice one guys. like the chimmchango thing.

almost fifteen years ago

Hello Shane & Tom. You asked if Linden dollars were named after me. The short answer is yes. I am proud to be a currency. It\'s a shame that the developers of Second Life can\'t spell.