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Jul 10, 2006

Topics Include: Shanes new car, Meeting the Kongshow, Passing Gretzky, We hate honking, Motor oil in your ear, colon clense, my yoga mat-tress, sewer vapor, WORDPLAY: Deep frying your hand.

almost fifteen years ago

What is the mailing address that I can send a bill for some dry-cleaning?
Listening to episode #39 and you bit about the Italian parade for a semi-final soccer win – as I am listening I look out the window of the bus and a whole fleet of construction vehicles doing some road work……..every freaking vehicle had an Italian flag hanging in the window

..........chocolate milk out the nose - yeah I am a hero on my bus

almost fifteen years ago

Hey Tom,
That is hilarious!!!!!! Italy won yesterday....let me tell you how many streets Italy took over in our city...udder crazyness.
Where you from?

dave paron
almost fifteen years ago

In Bowmanville the Italy parade took over the entire \"Little Italy\" area, which goes from my backyard to my neighbours\' house then back to my garage. It was insane, the Italian flag fell off my 5 year olds bike in all the excitement. Ciao