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Jul 3, 2006

Topics Include: Our trip to Podcasters Across Borders, Tom's Sicky, Bathroom Laughroom, Man Boobs, My Girlfriend Blew my Ball Joint, Your Breasts look Big, Doctors are dumb. WORDPLAY: Deepfrying your hand

almost fifteen years ago

Hey guys,

OMG...The Beef Clown! The Beef Clown! And whole new insights into the mens\\\' washroom!

Great to see you guys in Kingston.

almost fifteen years ago

Just checking....was the photo supposed to be attached to the MP3? You mentioned you were going to do that but I didn\'t see any image on my video iPod. Just wondering if it was just something wrong on my end. I think you guys should definately attach any images you talk about to the MP3....and yes that photo is just plain wrong.

Dirty Ross
almost fifteen years ago

Shane - it\'s on.

almost fifteen years ago

OMFG ROTFL - can\'t look at photo. Had to pause audio. Hurt my back laughing. OK - I can breath again. Going back for more. You are both sooo going to hell in the afterlife. Keep it up.

almost fifteen years ago

That photo is so wrong...