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Nov 11, 2009

Topics Include: Half a Baby, Do New Babies Smell, Male Specific Evening, Groom Debris, Bow and Arrow, , NEW SEGMENT: SOUNDY MOUTHS, Bump into someone listening to the show, Purrrna the new cat, Pussy Pussy. NEXT WEEKS WORDPLAY: Smelly Babies.

Beth Robinet
eleven and a half years ago

I saw the picture of Purrrna. Awww. very nice.

Roger Gillies
eleven and a half years ago

Hey, funny show! Took me back to my early days of teaching when I can remember a student asked a fellow teacher about the pussy-pussy issue. We had a few laughs about that um.... 20 years ago. Holy crap.

Like the new SOUNDY MOUTHS (why am I shouting?) segment.

I have to say, I love listening to the two of you. It\'s like taking a vacation spending time with your grade 9 buddies for a short while. A wonderful diversion. Thanks.

Tim Coyne
eleven and a half years ago


Okay. During the show you mentioned a guy driving by on a bike while holding a deck chair or something like that.

Here\'s my submission. It\'s inspired by the dude on the bike and it\'s going to take both of you to make it happen:

Windy day. A guy rides his bicycle down the street. He\'s riding with no hands ( i know you guys hate that) and he\'s whistling. But he\'s also holding a deck chair so the whistling is labored. Suddenly, a douchebag on a motorcycle with really loud pipes (loud pipes save lives;) crashes into him. The deck chair goes flying into the air and lands on an old lady . . . and kills her.

If the death is a little too harsh feel free to tweak.