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Dec 24, 2007

Topics Include: Nylons, Hide and Poo Seek, Toilet Bolts, Spotted Dick, Helvietica Condensed, Neck Steak, Happy Sandwich Christmas, Scallop Butter, Mysterious Gifts. New Wordplay Topic: Name the Hobo neck scarf.

almost thirteen years ago

The fact that the cans listed in the picture above depict Spotted Dick as a sponge pudding, doesn\'t do anything positive for the name. It really does sound like a communicable disease!

Adam (interrobang podcast)
almost thirteen years ago

Thanks for the er...honourable mention guys. Thanks for that.

I\'ve not tried Spotted Dick - despite it being just a pudding with raisins in, the name is still off-putting.

I\'m pretty stumped for wordplay - just \'throataclava\'. Yep, stumped.

Anyway guys, happy.

almost thirteen years ago

Isn\'t there supposed to be a squeezebox on the damn show? It says \"Shane and Tom\'s Squeezebox\" right at the top of this page. Getting rid of the squeezebox is kind of like getting rid of Ralph Malph in the 4th season of Happy Days cuz he\'s such a putz or they couldn\'t afford to pay hi what he wanted. He\'s an integral piece of the fabric that was the show..the squeezebox is part of that magic we call \"Shane and Tom\'s Squeezebox\".

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


P.S. BTW, thanks for the shirt for naming Helvetica...oh wait, nevermind - slackers!

almost thirteen years ago

Oh, oh my. Way too many comments about this last episode to remember them all...

The toilet... \"It\'s a Plunger-ful Life.\"

Spotted Dick sounds like something you may need some penicillin to treat.

Dr. Snuggles? Check this out:

Apparently Shane\'s imagination isn\'t *quite* the scare we thought it was.