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Apr 5, 2011

Topics Include: We think we have 4 listeners, Adam: Squeezebox Oracle, The Hollywood Podcast: Unkempt Book is awesome, Shane's trip to California, Toby moving out, Dumpster Smoking, Drowning Mice, Suet, Girlfriend, What happened to Secret?? 

eight and a half years ago

As a smoker I don't get the people complaining about breaks since most of my office leaves to get in line for 30 mins to a hour for our daily sales (I work at the head office of a Canada wide grocery chain). BUT I agree with the dumpster thing.
over nine years ago

Just saw this comment Miss Carly, lole. love ya

c bo bita
nine and a half years ago

For the record it was grade 8, Secret's mother Angel was also murdered, and no, I did not get into trouble. I was just shaken like a rag doll by my teacher Miss. Parker for not understanding that "murder" and "dead" did not mean " Secret's mothers broke her back". I seriously could not comprehend what I was listening to, and thus kept smiling like an idiot for my Most Awesome entrance.


nine and a half years ago

+1 I'm still listening.
Look forward to each and every episode.
Keep them coming, however infrequent.