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Oct 6, 2010

Topics Include: Packets of Shane's seed, The House, Buying a Book, Downtown Porn Stars, I'm not creepy WORDPLAY: Sex and Bees.

ten and a half years ago

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Ed Cagney Home from Hospital Junior ...

ten and a half years ago

Oh I just came up with a good one. Glad to see that all of the spammers didn't beat me to the punch on this one.
If you have unsafe sex with more than one bee you can get HIVE ... eh? ... eh? Is this thing on?

Dan Gentry
ten and a half years ago

Glad you're both back behind the mic. Great show!

ten and a half years ago

Sting Her
Bee J
Doing it from Bee hind

Proof I am NOT an asshole. I hope.
Faithful listener though.

Wes in Oklahoma
ten and a half years ago

Just letting you guys know that I'm still listening. Keep 'em coming. I'll try to send some wordplays if I can think of them.

Tim Coyne
ten and a half years ago


Am I the only person who thinks you're a complete ahole for taking the book from the girl?

You should at least buy her a copy online and send it to her.

Dick move.

Still love you though.