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Oct 18, 2011

Topics: Once you go old..., Canoe-Marry Me, Podcastinoma, Hindlicker-Smegma, Animated Series WORDPLAY: Christmas and Poo, NEW TOPICS. Muppets and Porn.
nine and a half years ago

Hey Nick,
Haven't heard from you in awhile!! Thanks for the comment, glad you're still with us. Listening since 1996 eh? Computers didn't even exist then, nor did microphones, lole
I think you and Adam should have a Shane and Tom battle?? Actually thats a pretty good idea, we can do a live show where we quiz both of you????? You in??

nine and a half years ago

Could almost pip Adam to the post with Shane and Tom knowledge. I started downloading your podcasts in 1996 when I originally went South Africa and have since followed Kong Show, ABOVE and SPY as recommended. Also had a mention on them all except SPY (Kong 74.5 and ABOVE emails)and love the "shout out" though you hate that phrase. I remember the "F bomb" inducing video games, Treatsa Pizza, Jellyfish Hotdog (my fav)and the best when Shane lost it whilst Tom giving all contact info out one time. So funny! Sorry for keeping quiet. Thanks for the mentions - keep it up - would love video
Nick Howe - Cambridge UK