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Apr 19, 2006

Topics Include: Cat crap, Our new tshirts!!, Eating Ketchup, Fun with dumb Knock-Knocks, Shane the clencher and Shane the dart king, WORD PLAY: One long hair on neck and the juice that comes out of the mustard container before the mustard.

fourteen and a half years ago

\"Pustard\"? That sounds so gross but accurate, it sounds like the real delicious deal. Are you sure it\'s not a word already?

But with \"hot dog\'s raised leg\" and \"this must be a sign from dog\" I think Shane wasn\'t thinking outside of the box, he was thinking outside of the...bun.


fourteen and a half years ago

I feel you on the knock knock jokes. Here is one my 2 year old son told me this morning.

Knock knock
Who\'s there?
Poo who?

Adam (ABOVE podcast)
fourteen and a half years ago

Hi guys - I\\\'m playing catchup on your shows again...although not enough to listen to them all in one sitting! I KNEW there had to be someone with more time on their hands than Paul.
Some brilliant wordplay too - you guys are great, but I\\\'m sure I\\\'ve told you that sometime before!