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Dec 30, 2010

Happy New Year!,Topics Include: Christmas Message from Shane, False intro, Shane's new coat!, Santa and Religion, Shane Reacts to Photos Tom Shows to Him (will post photos later) Shane Almost Gets in a Fight, WORDPLAY NEXT WEEK: Strippers and Toilets

Dec 21, 2010

Thanks baby Jesus, It's a Christmas miracle, finally a new show.Topics Include: Toilets are not a chair, Lap dance on a toilet, Sock on foot, Tom busy, Shane busy, Gross Casts, Shane's new awesome roommate, Switching Rooms, John Thomas,  WE RECOMMEND THINGS: SHANE: Don't see Tron, Don't live with Toby,...

Nov 9, 2010

Topics Include: Talking Cat, 2 Girls 1 Guy, Buzz Cut Pubic Hair, Dick's Jiggle, Banana Sex Toy, Shane's Man Crush, Country Music Sucks, The Windsor Miracle, Church Banners, We Got Male,  WORDPLAY: Bee and Sex NEW TOPIC: Name the Banana Sex Device. Shane and Tom Recommend Stuff

Oct 6, 2010

Topics Include: Packets of Shane's seed, The House, Buying a Book, Downtown Porn Stars, I'm not creepy WORDPLAY: Sex and Bees.

Aug 22, 2010

Topics Include: Us being random idiots!